My name’s Gerry and I’m from Canada’s capital city Ottawa where I live with my awesome girlfriend, our two cats and our dog. It’s not a perfect place but I really love it here and can’t see myself living anywhere else any time soon. I work it IT during the day and also have a side business fixing computers on-site and remotely for homes and businesses. I’m a huge video gamer, tech enthusiast, net neutrality advocate, animal lover, humanist and frequently a proud contrarian.
The purpose of this blog is to give a single place to put my frequently non-mainstream and sometimes blunt opinions on a number of topics. Many of them will probably revolve around technology and gaming but I may dive into other issues such as economics, politics and social issues or whatever else if I’m feeling adventurous. What do I mean when I say non-mainstream opinions? Well, here’s a few examples:

  • I think Halo is the most overrated video game series of all-time.
  • I think Gone Home is the single most overrated game ever made.
  • The video game “enthusiast” press is a toxic force that is doing more harm than help to the medium.
  • I think Apple products are overpriced, anti-competitive fashion accessories that cultivate one of the most obnoxious, apologist fanbases on Earth.
  • I think The Beatles made average music at best.
  • Larry David isn’t funny.
  • Anyone who says mobile phones and tablets are going to take over all of video games is completely clueless.
  • Most analysts are people who have managed to make a profitable career out of talking out of their ass and being unaccountable for it.
  • The government is too involved in our lives but libertarians are also incredibly naive and subscribe to a belief system that is wholly unrealistic.
  • The concept and culture of publicly traded companies is a cancer that is ruining society.
  • Religion has been one of the main factors stunting out growth as a species and any good it has done is far outweighed by the bad.
  • Most drugs should be legal and private businesses should be allowed to have people consume whatever they want on their property.

Get the idea?
I have no aspirations of turning blogging into a career, nor do I have any professional training as a writer. I won’t create the next New Yorker piece but I like to think I’m pretty good at conveying my viewpoints in ways that are articulate, clear and unpretentious. The way I try to write is as if I was sitting with the reader in person and just talking to them. I may tend to use more words than I should but I never try to use fancier words than I need to. Nothing turns me off a person more than pretentiousness but that’s not the same as having strong opinions.
My main goals with Geek Bravado are to both improve my writing skills and hopefully contribute something new to people’s thought processes when considering the various issues of the day. I will think about blog entries before I sit down to write them but I rarely keep notes and the posts are usually written on the fly. This is done principally for the challenge of it. Occasionally, you will also see posts that have a Geek Bravado Ramble video companion with them which is just me verbalising my thought process, usually at most a day or two before I start writing. As the name implies, they’re often very rambly and the final posts are most distilled but hopefully they will give people more detail about what I think and the tone I try to present in.
I do have comment moderation turned on simply to prevent spam but will approve all posts that are intelligently written, whether you agree with me or not. I encourage spirited debate and dissenting opinions but if you post something akin to what you’d find in a YouTube comment, expect it to get deleted. I don’t demand agreement, just some kind of intelligence.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!