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My MSI Experience

The story of the horrendous quality and support experience I’ve had with a recent premium MSI motherboard. Continue reading

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Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Service (With Video)

This post is a little different than most. Normally, the video is my rambling thought process that went into what’s ultimately a more condensed, concise post on the topic but this one’s basically just a big ol’ rant. When I … Continue reading

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Game Retailers Need Quality Service, Not Quality Control

One of my favourite weekly video series is Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition, where he dives into game industry and culture topics in the kind of straight-up, no nonsense way I try to practice here. He’s a lot more profane but I … Continue reading

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Bethesda Doesn't Respect Their Customers

So it turns out I was very wrong when I thought my freelance work and life in general was going to calm down some in December but I’ve finally found some time to spit out another blog entry. This one … Continue reading

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