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Welcome streaming enthusiasts!

In addition to this blog and YouTube, I also live stream games regularly. Modern, retro, indie, AAA, PC, console, I run the gamut!

On my streams, you won’t find me being “edgy”, a million graphics, obnoxious notifications and stopping constantly to thank someone who donated a dollar. This is something I do for fun and it’s about quality over quantity and building a cool community I can chat with while I play neat games.

I use this cool service that lets me broadcast to multiple sites at once so you can watch me wherever you like! I can see all the chats and so can everyone watching so we can interact no matter what site you use. I stream at 720p60 right now, which is a good quality that can work on most connections. You can watch VoDs on most of the streaming sites and certain streams will get archived on my YouTube channel at 1080p60 as well.

The sites are lined up in the order I’d prefer people use but pick whichever one is best for you, it’s all good! Thanks for watching!