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Being A Gaming Professional and A Person (with Video)

I’ve already recorded the extra rambly video to go along with this post and even as I type, I still don’t know if I’m going to publish it. I was both exhausted and in a pretty major funk when I … Continue reading

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Building A Better 2014 and Beyond

I’m not normally big on New Year’s Resolutions. Partly because like most people, I don’t tend to follow through on them but also because I always found it odd that there was one specific time of year where we should … Continue reading

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So That Was Extra Life 2013 (With Video)

Another amazing year of Extra Life is behind us and boy, what a year it was! As of this writing, I’ve raised a total of $1,450 for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario thanks to the incredibly generosity of so many … Continue reading

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RIP Nick Keiser (AKA ianunderhill): We hardly knew ye

I’m terrible at writing these things but I’m doing it anyway. For most random people who read Geek Bravado, this blog won’t have much meaning but my fellow Gamers With Jobs members will sadly know what it’s about. It was … Continue reading

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What Ryan Davis Taught Me (Now With Video)

This post has a video companion that I recorded after writing the post instead of before as I normally would: I am writing this at work while things are fresh in my mind so please forgive me if this does not … Continue reading

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What's the alternative to ad supported content?

I intended to have more posts this month and have a couple in the brain hopper but between working on my YouTube stuff, my day job and some crazy housing related stuff that may be coming our way soon, something … Continue reading

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Introducing Retro Flashback

After months of gestating in my head and exhaustive preparation, I’m super excited to announce my new YouTube project, Retro Flashback! I’ve been jonesing to get this out to the world for a while and the day of my final(?) … Continue reading

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My Uneasy Peace with Christmas

Christmas and I generally don’t get along. It’s been a tense but accepted stalemate for the last 20 years or so. I accept it because society won’t let me do otherwise but I don’t tend to enjoy it. The progression … Continue reading

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Extra Life 2012: Amazing For Some Unexpected Reasons

It’s about 10:30am this morning and I’m driving back from my office, having just completed playing Dark Souls live on the Internet for 24 hours straight to support an awesome children’s charity. I had to do it at work because … Continue reading

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Don't ever buy a product from Auzentech

UPDATE (February 5th, 2014): This is still one of the most frequently viewed posts on Geek Bravado. Judging from the search terms WordPress tells me brings people to it, it’s clear I’m not the only one who has been screwed by … Continue reading

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