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Retiring from Extra Life and the future of my charity efforts

Since I was young, I always had a standing promise to myself that when I became a person of reasonable means, that I would make giving back a major focus in my life. Many people have been good to me … Continue reading

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My Content Plans for 2022 and Beyond

If there’s one thing I can say for sure I’m not good at, it’s quitting stuff. When I’m interested in something, I tend to go full tilt or not at all, often well past the point when something’s become a … Continue reading

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Real Talk for Mixer Part 2: The Feedbackening

I intended to write this while on a 4 hour layover on my way back from PAX South but the night before we left, promptly got a big ol’ case of PAX Pox. I’m still hacking up my lungs as … Continue reading

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Real Talk for Mixer from a Loyal Streamer

Note: I’ve written a follow-up post you may also want to check out when you’re done this one. Mixer’s been my exclusive streaming home since 2017 and I have no plans to change that. I love the near-zero chat lag … Continue reading

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2,000 Mixer Subscribers & Looking Ahead

Some time over night on November 24, I hit the coveted 2,000 follower mark on Mixer. I actually hadn’t been paying much attention to my follower count lately so I didn’t even know I was close. There wasn’t much buildup … Continue reading

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Breaking Down My Content Survey Results

I’ve been streaming on Mixer for about two and a half years now and plugging away at my YouTube channel for about six and a half (I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that one), plus poking … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the recent "Mixer exodus" (Spoiler: Don't panic)

Mixer is where I’ve been doing my live streaming for well over a year now. After finding no success on Twitch and also having no luck restreaming to multiple services, I was convinced to move exclusively to the burgeoning and … Continue reading

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34 Hours for CHEO (with Ramble Video)

I stayed up for 34 hours this weekend. It’s longer than I’ve ever stayed up and I’m still recovering. And it was among the best 34 hours of my life. When I first got the e-mail from Extra Life in 2014 … Continue reading

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Outlast & Whistleblower Late Review: It's All About Journalistic Terror

I played Outlast and Whistleblower live in a single sitting for Extra Life 2014. You can watch my edited Let’s Play series here. I’m a complete weak sauce when it comes to anything horror. I’ve never understood the concept of purposefully … Continue reading

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Review: AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 (August, 2014, with Video)

NOTE: This review is for a product that originally came out in late 2013 and thus, was done using more mature drivers and firmware that earlier reviews did not have. UPDATE (18/08/2014): In the review, I talked about the limited … Continue reading

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