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Some thoughts on the recent “Mixer exodus” (Spoiler: Don’t panic)

  Mixer is where I’ve been doing my live streaming for well over a year now. After finding no success on Twitch and also having no luck restreaming to multiple services, I was convinced to move exclusively to the burgeoning … Continue reading

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34 Hours for CHEO (with Ramble Video)

I stayed up for 34 hours this weekend. It’s longer than I’ve ever stayed up and I’m still recovering. And it was among the best 34 hours of my life. When I first got the e-mail from Extra Life in 2014 … Continue reading

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I’m Doing A Second Extra Life Event This Year!

WATCH LIVE STARTING SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH AT 7PM EST ON TWITCH AND YOUTUBE! DONATE TO MY CAMPAIGN HERE! The title says it all folks! The Ottawa Extra Life Guild is doing a second 24 hour Extra Life event this year! I … Continue reading

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The RambleCast & Friends Yak Over the E3 Press Conferences On Twitch

E3 HYYYYYYYYYPE! Watch Live On My Twitch Channel Myself and Chris Cesarano from the RambleCast along with various other friends of ours are going to be live commentating over all of the E3 press conferences! This is something we’ve wanted … Continue reading

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Outlast & Whistleblower Late Review: It’s All About Journalistic Terror

I played Outlast and Whistleblower live in a single sitting for Extra Life 2014. You can watch my edited Let’s Play series here. I’m a complete weak sauce when it comes to anything horror. I’ve never understood the concept of purposefully … Continue reading

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Watch Me Play Outlast & Whistleblower Like A Wimp for the Kids

Follow the series playlist here. At last, the time is upon us! My edited version of my November 1st live stream playing through Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC in one sitting for Extra Life 2014 is now on YouTube! Getting … Continue reading

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Review: AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 (August, 2014, with Video)

NOTE: This review is for a product that originally came out in late 2013 and thus, was done using more mature drivers and firmware that earlier reviews did not have. UPDATE (18/08/2014): In the review, I talked about the limited … Continue reading

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