Announcing My Extra Life 2015 Campaign for the Children’s Miracle Network (With Video)

WHEN: Saturday, November 7th, 2015 @ 9am EST
WHERE: My Twitch Channel

If you’re in Ottawa, you can also donate in person with coin jars at Ivan’s European Deli, The Cake Shop and Jim Dickinson Auto Tech!

It’s that time of year again everyone, it’s Extra Life time! This is my 5th year doing this fantastic event to support the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and as always, I’m super stoked to be doing it again! If you aren’t familiar with Extra Life, it’s a yearly event where gamers from around commit to playing games of all kinds for 24 hours straight to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In my case, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern OntarioYou can learn more here if you like. Thanks to all of you, I’ve raised almost $6,000 since 2011, more than $1,000 per year on average. That still blows my mind to think about.

Since 2012, I’ve always given a theme to my Extra Life events to make them more interesting. This year’s theme is going to be a blast because I have a friend involved in it. That theme is co-op! My good friend Christian is also doing Extra Life this year for the first time and he’s going to be joining me at my house with his PC and we’ll be doing the entire 24 hours together. We have a huge selection of co-op games lined up and many of them support more than 2 players so as always, anyone who wants to join in for some of these is welcome. As always, the whole thing will be streamed live over on my Twitch channel. I’m going to try to simultaneously stream on YouTube as well but no promises yet. We’re only doing the one stream but we’ll have dual face cams. I’ve never done Extra Life anything but solo before but I think this is going to be great and both Chris and I are stoked for it.

This year is not going to be without its challenges though. Extra Life operates in US dollars and in the last year, the Canadian economy and our dollar in particular have taken a beating. If you’re donating from the US, it doesn’t effect you at all. Most of my donations come from Canadians though and for them, there’s a roughly 30% premium compared to last year after the conversion. Yeah, that sucks and it’s going to make raising as much money as before extra difficult, more so since I’m unemployed right now and don’t have a big batch of co-workers I can hit up. However, I’m not letting this stop me from attaining the coveted gold medal for hitting $1,000 in donations. I’ve gotten that medal every year since 2012 and got a silver in 2011 and nothing is going to break that streak!

Last year, I had the wonderful support of a bunch of Ottawa retailers who put out coin jars and actually raised a lot of money for CHEO. I don’t have a list for this year just yet as I’m going to talk to them this week but if you’re a fellow Ottawa resident and are curious, watch this space and I’ll update it with a list. I’ve got some other ideas to drum up some extra support as well that I’m still figuring out. Watch here and my YouTube channel for more news on those.

I usually have multiple fundraising stretch goals which are additional tough streams I will commit to doing if I hit certain targets. This year, it’s just one stretch goal and I’m tying it to hitting that $1,000 target. That said, it’s the one everyone loves, which is that I will play through and stream a horror game in one sitting! I loathe horror stuff and it’s always hilarious to watch me suffer through it. Don’t believe me? Watch me play through Outlast last year:

If we hit $1,000, I will commit to playing through either Outlast 2 if it’s out or SOMA, the newly released sci-fi horror game from the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was my horror stretch goal in 2012. Outlast 2 was announced over a year ago but there has not yet been any word of a release date so I’m not counting in it being out in time. Like last year, I will aim to do the stretch goal stream within 30 days of Extra Life and of course, it will be fully recorded and put up as a Let’s Play series on YouTube for those who can’t be there live. For real though, nothing compares to being there live to mock me in the chat.

Extra Life is going to be a bigger challenge than ever this year but I’m as driven as ever to make a difference for the kids at CHEO and gaming is about nothing if not overcoming challenges! If you can help out, you can donate on my Extra Life page and as always, you’ll get tax receipts sent to you if you provide your address. Thank you to everyone who has donated before and who donates this year. This event is very important to me and I and the kids at CHEO thank you. Come hang out on Twitch on November 7th and play some games with us! Let’s make the horror happen!

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