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Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Service (With Video)

This post is a little different than most. Normally, the video is my rambling thought process that went into what’s ultimately a more condensed, concise post on the topic but this one’s basically just a big ol’ rant. When I … Continue reading


Lenovo's Superfish Is A Superfail for the PC (With Video)

In the PC industry’s latest feat of idiocy, manufacturer Lenovo has been caught red-handed pre-installing what is widely considered to be spyware on machines they sold in the latter half of 2014. It’s an application called Superfish which is designed … Continue reading

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GODUS Dammit Peter Molyneux (with Video)

Populous, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Fable. For many long-time gamers, these names are synonymous with incredible experiences which many would consider the best of all-time. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with anyone who thinks that. These are also all … Continue reading

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