Watch Me Play Outlast & Whistleblower Like A Wimp for the Kids

Follow the series playlist here.

At last, the time is upon us! My edited version of my November 1st live stream playing through Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC in one sitting for Extra Life 2014 is now on YouTube! Getting this edited down was a bigger process than I thought and pretty much took two weeks of lunch hours but I got er’ done! You can watch the first episode above.

I was a little worried that my “performance” wouldn’t be all that entertaining but having watched almost the whole thing in editing, I think I actually did OK and I laughed at myself getting terrified more than a few times. I’m not sure how well the series will do as this is an older game but I’m hoping people enjoy it. For now, there isn’t just a highlight video of all the times I freaked out as it’s a fair amount of work to put together but I may look at making one later.

Now for some more nitty gritty details. It’s going to be a 16 part Let’s Play series with the first episode going up today and one per day going up at noon for the following 15 days. Each episode is more or less half an hour in length (except a single episode that’s only about 10 minutes cause I couldn’t find a better cut point) and the away breaks I took and whatnot have been edited out. It’s only in 720p at 30 frames per second in lower quality than I’d like because I had to recording using Open Broadcaster and it will only record at whatever settings you’re also streaming with. I hope I can figure out a better solution in the future. I also interacted with my Twitch chat throughout and I wasn’t using an overlay plugin so you can’t see what they were saying but you can guess a lot of it from my responses.

If you want to keep up with the series, you can follow the playlist which will get new episodes as they’re added or better yet, just subscribe to my channel and follow all my stuff! I will still be doing videos from my other on going series as this one rolls out so if you already watch my other content, don’t worry, that’s not stopping.

I hope you all enjoy this. If you do, please thumbs up the videos, comment with your feedback, consider subscribing and more than anything, please tell others. I love doing my YouTube stuff but my channel is still tiny and growing at a snail’s pace given how much content I have and I hope this can push it forward. As terrifying as making this was, I actually had fun and I really enjoyed Outlast. I plan to do a late review blog post of it here before the series concludes. Outlast 2 is apparently in development so who knows, maybe that can be next year’s Extra Life stretch goal!

Thank you once again to the myriad awesome people who donated $1,580 at time of writing time to my Extra Life 2014 campaign. It means an immense amount to me and to sick kids at CHEO. I can’t wait to do Extra Life again next year!

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