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All the Best to TotalBiscuit (With Video)

If you watch video game content on YouTube, chances are you know who TotalBiscuit is. He’s one of the biggest names on there and one who I’ve been watching since at least early 2013, if not earlier. I still don’t … Continue reading

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Why YouTube Buying Twitch Is Probably Not A Good Thing (Ironically With YouTube Video)

Well, the seemingly inevitable has likely happened. YouTube (i.e. Google) is reportedly about to buy Twitch for $1 billion. Yes, this is being reported as rumour and isn’t confirmed yet but come on, you know it’s happening, I know it’s … Continue reading

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How to Be A Good IT Person

NOTE: I’ve written a new version of this post and added an audio version. You can view or listen to the new version here. This is a post I’ve been meaning to make for a very long time now. I’ve … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Watch Me Beat Daikatana Live This Saturday, May 10th @ 9:00am EST!

UPDATE: The event has now been moved back a day to Saturday, May 10th instead of Sunday, May 11th. We were supposed to do our Mother’s Day stuff on Saturday originally but scheduling changed. Hopefully this will get a few more … Continue reading

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