It’s dangerous to view my old theme, take this!

Oh come on, that was at least a little funny, wasn’t it?

After way too long of using one of the most basic WordPress themes available, I finally got the site updated to something better. I had intended to use the previous theme only on a temporary basis and then that became a couple of years. I don’t prioritise well it seems. The hilarious part is, doing the whole update only took me about an hour and a half (though I also had to spend another $30 to unlock theme customisation but oh well.) The header image is basic because well, this is basically me trying to use Photoshop:

PXA Trying to Use Photoshop

I think it turned out OK though and at least Geek Bravado now shares some of the same branding traits as my YouTube channel. As with all my online projects, this is an evolving thing so I’ll probably iterate and improve on it over time but I think this is a pretty good step forward. Let me know what you think, all feedback is valuable!

There’s a big post coming this afternoon on Windows Phone 8 and a bunch more videos coming to the YouTube channel soon. I feel like I’ve gotten back in a content creation groove so hopefully there will be a bunch more stuff coming at a steady pace now. Thanks for reading/watching!

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