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Dealing with the Internet Reality (With Video)

When I wrote about the Flappy bird thing recently, I touched on the subject of what I termed the “Internet Reality.” There’s been a lot of discussion on hatred and vitriol on the Internet in the last year but particularly in the … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 8: Fundamentals & Feuds

Last year, myself and the other members of our IT team at work had a choice to make. We provide smartphones for most of our staff and do not have a Bring Your Own Device policy (though not for lack … Continue reading

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Fishy Bird

This Flappy Bird thing amirite? So yeah, I tried out Flappy Bird. I downloaded it to our iPad 2, played it for about 10 minutes and uninstalled it. It’s a bad game with blatantly ripped off ideas, the same kind … Continue reading

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Game Retailers Need Quality Service, Not Quality Control

One of my favourite weekly video series is Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition, where he dives into game industry and culture topics in the kind of straight-up, no nonsense way I try to practice here. He’s a lot more profane but I … Continue reading

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