YouTube Channel Update: More Coming Soon & A New All Together Now!

So yeah, not a whole lot has been happening over on the old YouTube channel lately. My plan over my Christmas break from work was to make a whole bunch of videos but forgetting that Christmas is kinda’ busy for a lot of people, we ran into some scheduling issues with All Together Now. During this time, Cory (Vector) was also moving back to Vancouver from Japan (sadly he didn’t bring any roof monkeys with him) and it wasn’t until he was available that I realised he was a part of basically every series we had ongoing. The good news is that he’s now back in the motherland and once he and his wife are setup in their swanky new pad (where they get 100Mbit/sec Internet plus full TV service for what I pay just for Internet, not bitter at all you son of a bitch), we’ll get back to recording our current batch of series again. I also realised during Christmas that I was really burnt out and just needed some complete downtime (see my last post) so I decided not to do any Retro Flashback episodes either.

All that’s changing starting this week!

I am presently doing some research on the next Retro Flashback game and in addition to that, Chris (P0ul3t) and I are starting a new two-player All Together Now series that we’ve been talking about doing for a long time now. I’ve got the Dawn of War II RTS series on my pile and while Chris has finished them all, he’s never tried them co-op so we’re endeavoring to go through all 3 games in the series for you guys. I played about half of the first Dawn of War II game back when it first came out and got distracted away from it but I quickly remembered how much fun it was and I’m stoked to go through them all with a more experienced player. So without further ado, here’s the first episode for your viewing pleasure!

A couple of things to note about this particular series. Firstly, there isn’t a lot of fancy editing being done. This series is a little less comedic than our other playthroughs and I feel it just doesn’t fit as well. Secondly, I’m going to be uploading the sessions in their full lengths without splitting the episodes up into smaller pieces. This is partially because Chris and I are doing this more for fun than views and also as an experiment. It’s been hammered into me by various YouTuber communities that if you want to get your channel audience built and improve the metrics to where you can more easily game YouTube’s broken promotion system, you have to cut your episodes up into no more than 15-20 minute chunks. I’m not convinced of the value of that to be honest and like I said in my last post, I’m less concerned at this point with trying to brute force audience growth. So this series is going to go up with the episodes just being as long as the recording sessions are (probably be between one and two hours on average) and we’ll see what happens. It’s a lot more work for me to split the videos up and if it turns out that’s not necessary, I’m happy to skip it. So let’s see.

We hope to get All Together Now back to Sanctum 2 and we’d also like to try out some Early Access titles like Contagion and Starbound in particular. Now that the last character wipe has theoretically been done, I think there’s no better a time for us to take a crack at that game so that will hopefully happen soon. Also, I’d really love to try to get the entire crew back together and do one final run of No More Room In Hell where we’ll play until we successfully complete one mission. We got pretty far before with only a partial crew and with all of us there, I’m sure we can pull it off. I’ll see if I can get the rest of the crew into it.

Beyond that, it’s just keeping on. I hope to be doing at least a couple of Retro Flashback episodes per month and I’m considering some longer form projects to do this year as well. In addition, I’ve decided I’ve finally had it with the audio setup I’m using. I’m not satisfied with the audio output of my Alesis MultiMix 4 and the Shure headset mics I’m using are incredibly uncomfortable. Truth be told, the gear was just a poorly researched purchase on my part. The mics are designed for stage use by musicians and the mixer’s also designed for musical use so it’s not really the fault of the products, I’m just not using them properly. I’ve found something that’s an ideal replacement for them but it’s expensive and I can’t justify the purchase without getting some money back for this stuff first. So I’ve listed them on eBay and my local Kijiji and once I move those, I’ll grab the new gear and hopefully that will make stuff sound even more awesome. I’m stoked to get the new mic and making myself wait until I sell the current gear will make that even sweeter.

So that’s what’s going on right now. Thank you guys as always for watching my stuff and I apologise for the drought lately but fear not, more is on the way! Keep your eyes open and please tell others if you like it. More to come!

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