Watch Retro Flashback Halloweek All This Week!

Just a quick post here to mention that since Retro Flashback has been largely absent for the last month and a half due to various life reasons, I decided to bring the show back with a bang. Starting well, yesterday actually, I’ll be doing seven days in a row of episodes dedicated to showcasing various older horror-themed titles from a few different platforms. It was hard to do proper scary horror back in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras but I think these titles will show the various ways in which the scary was made fun and in some cases, just plain weird. Some of the games I’ll be showing are well known and others definitely not so much. I’ve been looking forward to doing this series for a while and hopefully you guys will like it too. You can check out the first episode below and there will be a new one every day until Saturday, November 2nd when I do Extra Life which you should also totally pitch in to. If schedule permits too, I may do an extended play live stream of one or more of these games on Halloween night too. Enjoy!

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