Support Me for Extra Life 2013 for Children’s Hospitals (with Video!)

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted much of any content hasn’t it? I apologise for that. I won’t go into boring detail but life’s been crazy the last while between work stuff, house stuff and the fact that I just sold my car and bought another one. It hasn’t left me a lot of time for my other projects sadly but I’m hoping the ship is starting to right itself!

I’m here to once again ask for your support for Extra Life! I can’t believe a year has already passed but here we are again and I’m thrilled to be taking part in this great cause for the third year in a row! This year’s event takes place on Sunday, November 2 and is 25 hours this year instead of 24. Thanks to you all and your epic awesomeness, I smashed last year’s funding goals, passing $2,000 raised for children’s hospitals! This year, I’m hoping to raise even more and I’ve adjusted my goals accordingly. Due to the aforementioned life craziness, I’m also launching this later than I wanted but I’m hoping people can still help me make this a big year.

Last year, I decided to base my day around a theme. That theme was to play Dark Souls for 24 hours straight with two extra “stretch goals” and live stream the whole thing. The stretch goals were that I would single session Duke Nukem Forever if I hit $1,000 and than Amnesia: The Dark Descent if I hit $2,000. I honestly never thought I’d hit both stretch goals but because a huge number of people stepped up during the stream, I hit them both. I’m doing a similar idea this year but now with a new theme and wait for it, a third stretch goal. The best part? The theme lets other people join in the fun if they want!

This year’s theme I call “Co-op & Spaaace!” OK, that’s a lame title but it’s the best I got. For as many of the 25 hours as possible, I intend to be playing co-op games, that is games you play in co-operation with other human players. It won’t be one particular game and I’ll be able to switch games whenever I want. I love this idea because it gives my fellow gamers a chance to jump in and participate in the fun! I already have as bunch of potential games lined up that I know a lot of people have but we aren’t limited to this list either and it could be added to up to and including the day of. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to toss them my way. It would be good to have the list finalised in advance so I can make sure they work with my streaming software.

I also intend to be on the Gamers With Jobs Ventrilo server so anyone who wants to voice chat, whether you’re playing or not, is welcome. I really love this idea as it makes the day more of a social occasion and lets me have fun with others and not just doing things in solitude. For the times when I don’t have any co-op partners available (likely overnight I suspect), my backup is going to be playing some unique space-themed games. I’m thinking titles like Lunar Flight, Take On Mars and a classic I love called Star Control II which is one of my favourite games of all-time and which I’ve been meaning to do a Retro Flashback episode on forever. It’s quite a shift but I think it’ll be fun and a neat way to get through the slower periods.

Of course, all of this stuff will be live streamed and archived on my Twitch channel, where anyone can tune in completely free to watch the festivities and even jump in the chat room if you want! You can watch Twitch from your browser or if you prefer, they also have free apps available for iOS and Android.

But let’s not forget the stretch goals! For those not familiar with the concept, stretch goals is a term I borrowed from Kickstarter. What it basically means is that if I hit pre-determined donation targets, I’ll commit to doing additional things beyond the actual 25 hour main event. These will be done at later dates. Last year’s stretch goals took months to fulfil because unfortunately, I had to do all the live streaming from work as my home Internet couldn’t handle it. Well, that’s not the case this year and I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be able to do everything from home, meaning the extra shows should happen much faster this time! This year’s goals are in a similar vein to last year’s but now there’s a third one:

#1 ($1,000) – The game will be Daikatana. This is a title older PC gamers know well and probably cringed at hearing. It was the first project from famed (many would now say infamous) designer John Romero’s studio Ion Storm. It promised to be an industry-changing title and was heavily marketed with some pretty tasteless advertisements. It went way over schedule and budget and was heavily panned by critics and gamers alike upon release. It commercially bombed and ultimately bankrupted Ion Storm. It’s still one of gaming history’s biggest disasters. I’ve never played Daikatana but a version designed to run on modern PCs was just released and if we hit $1,000, I’ll play through the whole thing in one go.

#2 ($2,000) – The game will be Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. This is the recently released sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent which was my second stretch goal last year. The first Amnesia is considered by many to be the scariest game ever made and while it definitely freaked me out good, I was actually a little underwhelmed by it in the end. This sequel was actually developed by a different team, one that is known for telling interesting stories but is not necessarily skilled at the whole “game” aspect. It’s considered to be not quite as scary (though decidedly more disturbing) as its predecessor. But being the weak sauce that I am, I suspect this will still scare the crap out of me, especially if played in one sitting which it will be if we hit this goal of $2,000.

And now the new big one…

#3 ($2,500) – The game will be Outlast. This is another recently released horror title from a indie team based in Montreal. The basic premise is that you’re a journalist who is trapped in an asylum and you are trying to escape from it while also uncovering the mystery of what took place there. I’ve been told it’s absolutely terrifying and though I think it sounds cool, I’d normally never go near this game with a 500 foot pole. I’ve seen people say this game isn’t as scary as Amnesia: The Dark Descent but I find I’m more affected by jump scares which this supposedly has a lot of in addition to the psychological horror element. This game will probably break my brain and it will be entertaining as Hell to watch. But if you guys can raise $3,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network, I will play it front to back in a single sitting.

So there you have it, my plans for Extra Life 2013. My goals are ambitious this year without a doubt, especially considering the limited time I have before the event day. That said, I never dreamed I’d hit both of my stretch goals last year and thanks to a pile of amazing people, it totally happened and I think we can beat it this year! I’ve really loved doing Extra Life each year and I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I hope the idea interests you and that you’re willing to consider putting in a few dollars to help out a great cause. There is no minimum or maximum donation and 100% of your gift goes to help children’s hospitals. You can donate via credit card or PayPal at my Extra Life portal page or if neither of those is an option, please contact me and I will happily arrange an alternate method with you

Thank you in advance for your support. Whether you can contribute or not, if you could help spread the word to those you know, it would help immensely. Getting the word out to as many people as possible is as important as any contributions I get. If you can even tell one other person, you’ve made a huge difference!

Let’s blast through those stretch goals again!

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3 Responses to Support Me for Extra Life 2013 for Children’s Hospitals (with Video!)

  1. Sarah says:

    How about playing Civ 5 with your girlfriend (since it’s the only game she plays)? 😛

    • Hey, what if I made another stretch goal that if it gets hit, means we’ll play Civ 5 for 24 hours straight? Or maybe pick the biggest map with as many opponents as possible and play until the game completes! How long could that take, really? 🙂

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