Watch the Nick Keiser memorial co-op Syndicate stream tonight

2012 Syndicate Logo

Just a quick little note that in honour of our friend Nick Keiser who we lost too soon last week, a group of us from Gamers With Jobs will be streaming some co-op Syndicate on the Xbox 360 in his honour. Several of us got to know Nick by playing regular sessions of this criminally underrated title online, co-opping for the glory and profit of our in-game corporation StanliTech (named after the GWJ mascot.) As happens with most online games, our interest started to wane and though we still got the board together once in a while, we largely stopped playing it. We had hoped to get some more sessions in with Nick after he moved to Florida but sadly, it was not to be. We thought it would be a fitting tribute to how we best knew him if we did some “hostile takeovers” and reminisce about the fun times with him over voice chat and the Twitch chat with our fellow Goodjers.

The stream will go live at 9:30pm EST tonight on my Twitch channel and we’ll go until we feel like stopping.

I’m not sure how well the Xbox Live voice chat will come through the stream but we’ll see how it goes. At the time of writing, we still need a fourth player to fill out the party. A lot of people sadly don’t have Syndicate any more but if you still do, we’d love to have you join us. If you don’t have it and would like to try out the co-op (seriously, it’s a blast and the campaign is actually alright too), you can buy it from Xbox Games On Demand for $20 and used retail copies are out there for peanuts. Don’t worry if you aren’t leveled up, we’ve helped new hires at StanliTech get orientated before and we’ll get you to executive level in no time! Even if you aren’t playing, feel free to come by and hang out in the Twitch chat and we can yak about how awesome Nick was.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you all tonight!

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