Hear me on the RambleCast

I realised that despite having done a few of these now, I never mentioned this on the blog before so it’s time I rectify that! Chris Cessarano has graciously decided to tolerate my presence as a regular guest on his RambleCast podcast. The show was previously known as Downloatheable Content and was done on an irregular basis but was recently relaunched as the RambleCast and Chris is aiming to do a new episode every two weeks. It’s a sort of general gaming show where we all talking about what recent titles we’ve been playing and delve into a deeper discussion topic. We also occasionally do spoiler sections at the end of certain episodes, like the most recent one where we talked about The Last of Us. I may not be on every episode, depending on scheduling and whether I have anything of value to contribute but hey, who would want to hear my blather every single time right? It’s a lot of fun to do and the feedback’s been good so far so hopefully you guys enjoy it.

I just appear on the show and blab but mega kudos to both Chris for hosting it and Sean Clouser who does a masterful job at taking our discussions and editing them together into something palatable for the ears. It’s a pleasure doing the show and an honour that Chris has invited me to be a regular participant. Hopefully you guys like it too! The show can be obtained from his web site and you can also find it on iTunes (if you must use that) and Zune Marketplace. Chris and I are also bouncing around ideas for other projects to work on together in the future, including potential YouTube collaborations! Nothing is concrete yet but I’m sure we’ll both have more to say on that when it happens.

Give us a listen!

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