Help me reach my YouTube goals!

I haven’t talked much about my YouTube stuff since announcing the two shows a while back. I’ve been steadily cranking out the content ever since but I didn’t talk about it here mostly because there wasn’t much to say in text form. I update the status of the channel in VLOGs and I didn’t want to create new blog entries to announce every new episode as it would just clog things up and I’m trying to use this for longer form stuff. However, I thought it was time for a bit of an update on how stuff’s going and to also use this opportunity to ask for your help to try to take my channel and its content to the next level.

All things considered, things for the channel have been going really well. The views on my videos are still pretty low but they are trending steadily upward. You can check out stats here if you are interested. Based on what I’ve been reading from other YouTubers, things are actually increasing at a pretty impressive rate considering I haven’t been making content that long and since I don’t participate in many forums, Facebook or use Reddit that much, I’m not promoting it as actively as I wish I could. I’m also feeling much more comfortable doing commentary and while I still don’t think I’m sounding as enthusiastic as I feel when I’m doing the videos, I think I’m getting better at it. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable and less tense when commentating now and I hope that’s showing. One of the main reasons I started doing this was to get more comfortable talking to an audience.

I’ve managed to crank out two Retro Flashback episodes a week without fail and except for one week when we were sick and another when we decided to break between series, Stylez and I haven’t missed an episode of All Together Now. I’m really proud of this because I thought aiming for two Retro Flashback episodes a week was a crazy goal and one I wouldn’t be able to keep up for long but it’s actually getting easier. I’m going to see how long I can keep that up without missing any episodes but based on my work flow now, I bet I can do it for quite a while. All Together Now was arguably more of a learning experience for Stylez and I. We learned several key things, those being that we can’t play games on hard as it results in too much repetition, we can’t play stuff with long load times and we need to stick to hard time limits. A three hour finale episode for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel was just ridiculous. The first episode of our second series where we play Double Dragon Neon is now up and we’re both really vibing better now as a whole I think.

I decided to plunk down some cash and invest in some quality audio equipment and though the channel’s now well over $500 in the red as a result, I still don’t regret thats at all. Everything sounds so much better now and I’m very pleased from it. I also have proper art for the channel being done right now, though the artist is a student and extremely busy so unfortunately, it’s taking longer than I’d like. Given how hectic life is right now, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to undertake any of the specialised ideas I have for Retro Flashback episodes any time soon. I’d like to do things like profiles of certain developers or the histories of platforms but that requires a lot of time to research, film and edit. I’m not particularly good at any of those yet either and I don’t want to release anything like that until I know it will be with high production values. Once we get moved into our new house and things calm down some, I hope I can start planning that stuff out.

For now however, I have one major goal and I hope I can enlist the help of you fine folks in attaining it: I want to get my channel partnered with a reputable YouTube network. Why do I want to do this? If you know what partnership is, your first guess is probably for the money but that’s not it at all. It’s true you can get a better cut of ad revenue from YouTube when you’re partnered but in order to make any kind of real money, you have to be getting thousands upon thousands of views on each of your videos. I’m not even close to that yet and I don’t know if I ever will be. This is a fun project for me first and I have no ambitions of turning YouTube into a career, though I admire those who can. That said, it would be nice if the channel didn’t run in the red at least. My two main reasons for wanting partnership are copyright protection and promotion. Right now, about half the videos I put up get denied monetization because I don’t own commercial rights to all the footage. Being denied monetization is one thing but if any of these publishers choose to be prickly, they can file a copyright strike which could end up in either my videos or even the whole channel getting pulled from YouTube, even if I don’t try to make money from the videos. As an individual, there’s not much I can do about this but when you’re with a good network, they often have partnerships with some publishers and have good fair use defences for the ones they don’t work with. Secondly, good partner networks can help you promote your channel to make more people aware of it and bring in more viewers. Obviously, I want my work to be seen by as many people as possible so the help a network can provide in this regard is huge.

So where do you come in? Well, simply put: I still need more subscribers and viewers to get noticed by networks. There are a ton out there (a couple of smaller, lesser known ones have already tried to recruit me) but the bigger and more respectable ones require you to build up an audience of a certain size on your own. The networks don’t reveal specifics about their requirements but some people have an idea what they look for. I’m well on my way to meeting those minimums but there’s still a decent hill to climb and I’d like to get there sooner rather than later. The best way you can help is by visiting the channel, viewing the videos from both series, clicking the thumb up button and leaving comments if you’re so inclined. Each of those things improves the analytics and helps me get noticed by the networks I’d like to join. However, the biggest thing you can do by far is just tell people about the channel who you think would enjoy it to come and check it out. Views from people I know are great and important but views from you and the people you know are even better! Not everyone’s into video games or retro games but if you know someone who might like it, feel free to pimp it to them. Real, genuine interest is the best way to drive the channel forward. I’m hoping to add another hundred subscribers or so and get the average daily views for the channel as a whole up to 200-300. Both are very much attainable in the not too distant future but only if people are willing to help me out by spreading the word!

The response I’ve had so far is very encouraging and I’m super excited to keep growing things with your help. I’m loving doing this stuff and it’s both great fun and helping me overcome some social anxieties I have which is great. I think partnership is the next logical step in evolving the channel and ensuring that it secures itself a bright future. Thank you all for your support over the last couple of months. It means the world to me and Stylez and with your help, this will just get more awesome!

I’ve embedded the videos from the start of my new Retro Flashback series on Capcom Arcade Cabinet as well as the brand new series two of All Together Now below for your viewing pleasure. Please check them out and tell others. Thanks again everyone!

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