Introducing Two Guys & A Game

NOTE: Since announcing this show, we’ve changed the name to All Together Now. We didn’t like Two Guys & A Game and in the end, decided it was better to give the show a name that can encompass more than two people in case we play bigger stuff.

So hey, remember that YouTube show I launched a little while ago? If you haven’t been watching it and spamming the Hell out of it to everyone you know, go rectify that right now before you become a truly bad person. But wait, how would you like even more video content? I knew you’d be stoked for that! Well, wish and you shall receive!

I’m pleased to announce that the first episode of Two Guys & A Game is now live! So what the Hell am I doing launching another YouTube show when I’ve barely got Retro Flashback right and what’s this new one all about? To answer your first question, because I’m stark raving mad. To answer your second question will take a few more sentences. My good friend Dan (known as StylezXP) and I have been trying to figure out some kind of project to do together for a while. We’ve wanted to collaborate on something and we both have busy lives (him especially since he and his wife recently had a kid) so we also wanted something that would give us a reason to get together more often.

Then one day, we were reminiscing about all the co-op games he and I have played together over the years. We both love the co-op experience but it was made further unique in our case because we often did a kind of Mystery Science Theater 3000-style snarky commentary along with the games we played. We enjoy the titles we play but some of them were not exactly pillars of narrative delivery and we enjoyed taking the piss out of them while we played them through. We had talked about how awesome it would have been if we could have recorded those experiences. And then it hit us: Let’s do this but on the Internet! And thus, Two Guys & A Game was born.

We know there’s a ton of YouTube game content out there and a lot of it is Let’s Plays. Neither of us are really big on those types of series and most of them are dreadful. We didn’t want to do that unless we could bring our own unique flair to it but our banter is what we think makes the difference. We plan to play a variety of different games from different eras on various platforms but we are starting with the latest release in the Army of Two series. These have been guilty pleasure games for StylezXP and I so we figured it was a great one to start off with. We hope to do episodes that are an average of an hour in length, though some may go longer or shorter. We hope to do these on a regular basis but given how busy both our lives are right now, we can’t guarantee they’ll be coming on an exact schedule. The best way to find new episodes is to subscribe to my channel and keep an eye on the official playlist. We will play whatever game we are currently working on to completion before moving on to the next one. We may also do special one-off episodes dedicated to things like spoiler discussion or talking about the history of a game series we both like. The co-op comedy is the meat of the series but we plan to roll with other things too.

Just like Retro Flashback, this series is an evolving thing and both of us are coming at this with minimal experience both in commentating and production. You’ll notice that the commentary audio is pretty bad in the first video. It took me literally an afternoon to get the dual headset recording working with my laptop and capture software and what we got is the best I could do and that was after a lot of post processing on Sound Forge Audio Studio. I’m hoping to improve it more as we go forward and should the show gain some traction, I will consider investing in a portable mixer and some more professional grade microphones. That’s not in the financial cards for me this month though so I hope you’ll bare with me. I’m still confident in saying that even this first attempt sounds better than a lot of Let’s Play content on YouTube. There’s also a bit of an issue mid-video that required a bit of a gap in our recording but I think I covered that in a way that will make you grin.

We really hope you guys enjoy this new series. If you do, please consider subscribing to the channel, giving a thumbs up to the videos and telling your friends. Even a mention on Twitter, a post on a message board or a link on Reddit goes a long way in helping us find an audience. We also welcome any feedback, positive or negative, just as long as you offer it in an intelligent manner. Please comment away if you have something to offer. We’re really excited to be doing this and I hope we can entertain a bunch of people with it. So, without further ado, check out the first episode below!

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