Extra Life 2012: Sponsor and Watch Me Punish Myself for Sick Kids

It’s been a busy month and I haven’t been in a blogging mood for some reason but I’m getting back at it and kicking it off by asking for money! Awesome right? Last year, I decided to take a shot at doing Extra Life in support of my local children’s hospital. Thanks to the awesome generosity of people from my work and Gamers With Jobs, what I thought was a difficult goal of $500 was well surpassed, reaching almost $800 when all was said and done. I’ve decided to amp up both the goal and the challenge this year and I’m hoping you dear reader can lend a hand for the kids at CHEO.

The way this works is that for an straight 24 hour period on Saturday, October 20, I play video games. This sounds like all fun but even when I was young, that much gaming in one session was a tall order and it’s even harder now that I’m older. Last year wasn’t easy but thanks to some well timed caffeine ingestion and determination, I made it through without too much trouble. This year, I plan to work extra hard for your donations by not only playing a single game for the whole 24 hours but a game I normally wouldn’t go near, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for the PC.

If you notice the title, you’ll know this isn’t a game designed for the casual player. Dark Souls is balls hard, something that some gamers love it for and others hate it for. I’ve always respected this type of game and the masochists that consider it entertainment but I stay far away from it. I rented and tried it’s predecessor Dark Souls once and after the first boss, I knew it wasn’t for me. Playing this title (and it’s shoddy at best PC port to boot) for an entire day is going to be brutal, frustrating and a challenge indeed for me. In the event of technical difficulties with Dark Souls (which I plan to avoid with testing but you never know), I’ll be switching to Evochron Mercenary, a space exploration game that’s admittedly in a genre I much prefer but which is also known to be very complicated and hard to get into.

As if that wasn’t torture enough for me, I’m also going to be live streaming the entire thing so you can watch along and laugh as I undoubtedly and quickly start to lose my mind. I’ve never done a live stream before and the process of learning how this works has been quite a trip. The guys who do this all the time make it look easy. Beyond all the setup and testing, I’m going to have to do the entire event at my work because my cable connection’s crap upload speeds can’t handle it. Maintaining this little voyeurism show is only going to up the challenge of the day. My hope is that I’ll be able to chat with people both through Twitch’s text chat room and maybe even Skype but I haven’t tested that yet so no promises.

You’re welcome to donate as much or as little as you want, there no minimum but obviously, the more, the merrier. 100% of your gift goes to help kids at CHEO. I’ve already paid for the games and a subscription to the XSplit software I’ll be using to stream the event and WESA is kindly donating the office and the fibre Internet connection. You can donate on my Extra Life page with credit cards or PayPal. If those aren’t an option, please leave a comment with a way we can get in contact and we’ll work something out.

What’s that you say, you want even more? You sick sadist. Alright, fine. To add more fuel to the fire, I’m introducing stretch goals this year, a concept I learned from the way too many Kickstarters I contributed to recently. So what’s a stretch goal? It means that if I get a lot more money than I’m planning, I’ll take on the burden of doing another live stream where I will play another title front to back in one sitting. So far I have two stretch goals but I’ll add more if people really step up and go past the second one. Neither of these games are short so while neither will result in another 24 hour marathon, rest assured your money is buying you several hours of me suffering on video.

Goal #1 ($1,000) – The game will be Duke Nukem Forever. This game was highly anticipated when it was announced. In 1996. It ended up being in development for 13 years, killing 3D Realms, getting cancelled as a result and then being resurrected by Gearbox Software who eventually put it out in 2011. In short, what gamers got after a 13 year wait was a mound of burning garbage for $60. It was considered one of the worst big budget game releases in years. I’ve purposefully avoided this steaming pile and never had any intention to play it. If I have to, rest assured the show will be filled with hilarious snark.

Goal #2 ($2,000) – The game will be Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This is considered by many who would know to be one of the scariest video games ever made. Even horror aficionados like Patrick Klepek have had a hard time getting through it. I hate horror anything. Put on what’s considered a tame horror movie with all the lights on and I’ll be scared. Seriously, DOOM 3 freaked me out, that’s how much of a weak sauce I am. Playing through this will be an absolutely torture and will seriously likely cause nightmares for me. You’re in for a treat if you end up getting to watch me live stream it. I’ve been gaming for over 25 years and this will probably be the hardest thing related to this hobby that I’ve ever done. If you want some kind of idea, watch TotalBiscuit try to play it and picture me being way worse.

As you can see, I’ve taken the challenge of this event and turned it up to 11. I’m more than a little intimidated by the goals I’ve set for myself but I also like a challenge and never shy away from hard work. This is going to be tough but I’m super stoked to be doing it and I’m hoping the additions I’ve made will help secure a lot more money for a great cause. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you can all help out. I’ll be posting more information here as things progress and once things get rolling, I’ll link to the live stream and if WordPress permits, you might even be able to view it straight from here. Thank you all for your help and let’s smash past those stretch goals!

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