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Could the iPhone 5 be the beginning of Apple’s plateau?

Breaking news here I’m confident you’ll not read anywhere else: Apple announced the iPhone 5 today. I know, hot scoop, though there was no sight of the iPad Mini or any of the other stuff that was widely expected to … Continue reading

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Can we stop with NPD already?

When you’re into gaming and the industry to the unhealthy degree that I am, you like to know numbers. Numbers give a very simplistic, top down viewpoint on how well a game and by extension, the people involved in getting … Continue reading

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Extra Life 2012: Sponsor and Watch Me Punish Myself for Sick Kids

It’s been a busy month and I haven’t been in a blogging mood for some reason but I’m getting back at it and kicking it off by asking for money! Awesome right? Last year, I decided to take a shot … Continue reading

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