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DayZ: A Wonder Impossible In the Cloud Future

A couple of weeks ago, I got wind of the DayZ mod for ArmA II from some friends at Gamers With Jobs. This has been out for a little while now. A single guy from New Zealand decided to take this … Continue reading


Microsoft's Surface Tablet: The Bungle and the Potential

As I sat playing Battlefield 3 and watching Twitter on my other monitor, I was not unexpectedly shaking my head at the barrage of snide jokes from tech “journalists”, essentially pre-judging the tablet announcement everyone knew Microsoft was going to … Continue reading

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Indie Hypocrisy

Indie Game: The Movie finally released in various digital formats a couple of days ago. I got my copy for free because I Kickstarted the project and love it as much as I did when I saw it in the … Continue reading

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Same Geek, More Bravado, More Brevity

In keeping with the title, I’ll try to make this brief. Over the last while, I’ve been trying to figure out how to improve this blog, both in terms of having the time to contribute to it more and drawing … Continue reading

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So That Was E3 2012

This week went by super fast for me. Some of that was because work was a non-stop cascade of crazy but it was also because of E3. For as many faults as the show’s structure has, I love it. It’s … Continue reading

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Some Ranty Thoughts On E3's Relevance

So the big show starts today. Nintendo’s going to announce a new home console and a bunch of games will get announced and have more shown of them. Yet for some reason, this year’s E3 seems to be getting a … Continue reading