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Apple's (And Soon Microsoft's) Big Threats to Choice

UPDATE: Since I posted this entry, Microsoft has decided to change the Metro-only restriction on their free development tools. A smart move on their part. I make no secret of the fact that while there are many cool things Apple … Continue reading


This Was a Surreal Friday

I’ve never yet posted anything about my personal life on this blog. It was always my intention to make it a bit of a personal blog as well as one that focused on tech, gaming and whatever else but that … Continue reading

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Gamers Should Be Mad About 38 Studios' Failure

This afternoon, 38 Studios officially laid off their entire staff of 380 people and is closing both their studios. This after running out of cash following a rather public scene with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, a state agency which … Continue reading

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You Should Go See Indie Game: The Movie

Some time ago, I was told by some gaming web site that this pair of first-time Canadian film makers were creating a documentary about making indie games and that they were looking for some Kickstarter help. I went and checked … Continue reading

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On Gaming's Future: AAA Reality Check

So yeah, this post going up by the end of the week of my last post obviously didn’t happen. Turned out to be a crazier month than I predicted (tons of new hires at work and they just announced we’re … Continue reading

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