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The Gaming Press Needs to Find Some Humility

A while back,  I wrote a post about the gaming enthusiast press’ continual crisis of confidence. Now I’d like to talk about the other side, that is when the enthusiast press gets overconfident and dismissive of outside criticism, some of … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Mike Daisey Stretched the Truth But There's Still A Problem In China

If you’ve been reading the Internet this afternoon you’re probably aware of this already but This American Life has retracted the story Mike Daisey about Apple factory conditions after further fact-checking revealed that some of the more dramatic portions of … Continue reading

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The Worries of An Apple Led Post-PC World

So the iPad 3 was announced yesterday (yes I know it’s just called the iPad but it’s the 3rd one so it’s the iPad 3) and as usual, the press tripped over themselves to give them free PR. The mainstream … Continue reading

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