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Why does there always have to be a loser?

As I read both coverage and discussions of many modern amenities but particularly the technology we use to entertain ourselves, I am constantly reminded of this new famous Louis CK rant: Though I feel there’s nothing wrong with having a … Continue reading


On Gaming's Future: Is crowdfunding a wave of the future?

So this happened. Followed shortly after by this. For the latest, you can check this. I won’t recount all the details since if you follow video games at all, you surely know about it. The night my Twitter starting lighting … Continue reading

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Why I'm Buying a PlayStation Vita

I have a weird relationship with handheld gaming. I’ve owned all the portable Nintendo platforms since the Game Boy Advance, a PlayStation Portable and come the 22nd of this month, a PlayStation Vita that I pre-ordered some time ago. There’s … Continue reading

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