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On Gaming's Future: Can indie publishing work?

I’ve always had a ton of respect for indie games and while I tend to buy a lot of them, I’ve always faulted myself for not playing nearly as many as I should. Even with creativity and innovation in the … Continue reading

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The THQ Drama Continues – Is there really any hope left?

I’ve said before that I like to not only follow creative mediums but often the businesses behind them as I think it’s valuable to know where the stuff we enjoy comes from. One of my early posts here was about … Continue reading

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How RIM Can (Maybe) Save Itself

I’ve been thinking about making a post like this for a while now and in light of yesterday’s big news, I figured there’s no better a time than now. I’ve been a mostly happy BlackBerry user for almost seven years … Continue reading

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On Gaming's Future: What does Angry Birds really represent?

Chances are if you own a mobile phone, use the Internet or really just breathe oxygen, you’ve heard of Angry Birds. In an massively and increasingly popular mobile game landscape this cutesy puzzle game, originally released in 2009, has taken … Continue reading


Apple Can Do Better for Chinese Workers

With surprisingly coincidental timing, Apple today released a statement about working conditions in the Chinese factories they employ that has nothing to do with the recent This American Life story, honest. They’ve announced that they will now produce a continually … Continue reading

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Amazing This American Life Story On Chinese Manufacturing Conditions

My preferred content to listen to at work is podcasts and as always, I start my week’s rotation off with the always fantastic This American Life from NPR. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, it’s a fantastic show where … Continue reading


My Bold Predictions for 2012

Like many other places on the web, every year a bunch of us over at Gamers With Jobs like to make bold gaming and technology predictions for the upcoming year. A large and growing group of contributors and forum members … Continue reading

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So Vox Games, who saw that coming?

I was rather taken aback today to see word spreading like wildfire on the Twitters that a bunch of seasoned gaming press veterans are joining forced to create Vox Games (or whatever it ends up being, apparently that name is … Continue reading

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