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On Gaming's Future: Digital Distribution's Many Challenges

Sorry for the dead air the last while but getting sick combined with a crazy sudden boom in freelance work ate up most of my time. I seriously only got to start Skyrim yesterday, that should inform you on the … Continue reading

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Stop for Just A Minute Today to Remember

I’ve been sick this week so unfortunately I haven’t been able to continue my series on the future of games in as timely a manner as I wanted. It’s clearing up thankfully so I’ll try to get into that next … Continue reading

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On the Future of Video Games: Prologue

I’ve been thinking about how to start this since before I started Geek Bravado, mostly because I wanted to figure out how to make my point without sounding like an old man who is afraid of change. It was originally … Continue reading

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The Gaming Press Needs to Thicken Its Skin

When I dare to venture out of the one or two sane forums I frequently use, I’m still amazed when I see the number of people who want to get into the gaming press. I’ve only briefly toyed with the … Continue reading

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UPDATED: What's going on at Silicon Knights?

I’ve actually been working on a larger blog post that’s taking me a lot longer to formulate than I thought but I wanted to comment on another emerging story as it hits a little closer to home for me. It … Continue reading

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