A Little Self-Pimpage for Extra Life 2011

This is a quick post just to bring this to light for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. This upcoming Saturday, October 15th, I’ll be participating in Extra Life for the first time. This is an awesome event that was creating back in 2008 by the gaming community as a way of using our hobby to benefit sick kids. I first heard of it last year and decided to see if I could pull it off this year. The basic premise is this: I get people to sponsor me and from 8am on October 15th to 8am on October 16th, I play video games for 24 hours straight. I’m only allowed short breaks to use the washroom and to quickly eat every once in a while. I’m a huge gamer but the longest single play session I’ve had was about 12 hours long and I was 20 at the time so this is probably going to be quite a challenge. I’m up for it though and being for a great cause can only help drive me to finish it.

Thanks to some awesome friends and co-workers, I’ve already passed my initial $500 goal but of course, the more the merrier! If you have the means and would like to help out, you can donate here with a credit card or PayPal. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the money raised goes to help my chosen institution which is the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

I’ll likely be altering between a number of titles on both console and PC and my hope is to document my descent into madness throughout the day on my pocket camcorder so some time in the future, I should hopefully have a little video up of the experience for people to mock. If you know me and plan to be playing stuff online that day as well, hit me up for some multiplayer. Thanks for your support!


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