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THQ's Continued Slide In the Danny Bilson Era

In the world of large video game publishers, THQ has always been an interesting one to me. They started as a toy company in 1989 (industry nerd trivia: THQ stands for Toy HeadQuarters) and blew up in the 1990s into one of … Continue reading

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Most Experts Are Full of It: A Compelling Video Argument

The local alternative rock station has a morning show that I often listen to on my commute because it’s actually intelligent and talks about neat things sometimes. One of the hosts has this funny way he talks about any story that … Continue reading

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Rocking the Extra Life

This is just a quick post to pass along my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to my first time trying Extra Life. I set myself what I thought was an ambitious goal of $500 and people came through in … Continue reading

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Retail Can't See the Apples Through the Trees

Say what you will about Apple and I can say plenty but if there’s one thing they understand better than anything else, it’s tailoring the user experience. Perhaps nowhere else is this more apparent than in their branded retail stores. … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, An Amazing One of Many

This isn’t going to be a particularly long post because there isn’t a lot more I can say on the passing of Steve Jobs that hasn’t been said everywhere else. To claim that he was a once in a generation … Continue reading

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Has mobile phone technology peaked for a while?

Unless you are not on the Internet (in which case you aren’t reading this anyway), you already know that Apple had their big press event to launch the new iPhone. They put out a bunch of heavily manipulated and juked … Continue reading

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I Don't Want Nathan Drake's Foot Long Anything

I’m not a fan of product placement in media. Whether it’s movies, television, video games or whatever, I think it’s nothing more than a way of making people pay twice for content. Sometimes it’s done tastefully and understated and other … Continue reading

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