Oh look, another blog!

Greetings and welcome to Geek Bravado! After pondering doing this for over a year, I finally decided to shove my laziness aside, nut up and make one of these things. I got the name from a West Wing episode I can’t remember the name of in which Sam Seaborn is razzed by his friend for obnoxiously blurting out the solution to a complex law exam question because she couldn’t figure it out fast enough. I liked the term because it means loudmouth opinionated enthusiast, perhaps the three most apt words one could use to describe me. To my shock, the domain name was available too and I said to myself “If you’re going to spend $13 to buy that, you better do something with it.” So, here we are.
Despite it’s name, this blog is not centered around any particular theme except as a place to air and discuss my opinions on things. A lot of the posts will probably be about tech and gaming (my two biggest interests) but I will write about anything I feel has enough for me to say about it, whether that be other media, religion, politics, people, business or whatever. I agree with commonly held viewpoints on many subjects but the ones I deviate on tend to be particularly popular ones and those deviations often tend to be wide. I sometimes vent these on Twitter or on the handful of forums I participate in but those venues don’t lend themselves to elaboration, nor do they provide a means of easily referring back to them in the future.

I have no desire or need to make a living doing this, nor do I want to use this as a stepping stone to a writing career. I like to think I can make a point well but I don’t think of myself as a gifted writer. I also know that blogs are starting to fall out of favour to things like Twitter and newer media like video. I am interested in learning video production and maybe that will cross paths with this some day but I’m not planning anything. I’m hoping that my own drive to say what I want to say will keep fueling this blog for some time to come. I’d love to build up a decent readership which can contribute meaningful and intelligent discussion in the comments. I like people who are passionate about what they believe so whether you agree with me or not, I’d love to hear what you have to say, as long as you can say it smartly and respectfully. If you just want to hurl insults, you’ve got 99% of the rest of the Internet for that.

Thanks for checking this out, I hope both you and I can get something good out of the experience.

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2 Responses to Oh look, another blog!

  1. mudbunny says:

    Hopefully you can keep at it better than I can.

  2. Thanks man! Sorry for your comment taking a bit to show up, WordPress thought it was spam and I just noticed. :/
    Keeping this up is a little challenge I’ve set for myself. Even when you’ve got stuff you want to say, it’s easy to procrastinate. I’m hoping I can manage to keep it going and build a small community about it. We’ll see. 🙂

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