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Defending Your Kind of Dick Is Still Defending A Dick

Today, video game website Joystiq and writer Justin McElroy stirred up quite an online furor. This isn’t really hard to do as gamers sadly tend to fly off the handle about almost anything but this one struck me as something … Continue reading

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Tobacco: Ban It or Shut Up

I don’t smoke and aside from trying and hating it a couple of times in high school, I never have and never will. I think it’s gross, smells awful and it’s bad for you. The thing is, the latter point … Continue reading

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Why I'm An Apple "Hate" Maven

Apple is a subject you’ll probably hear me talk about fairly often here and is one where my opinions will differ greatly from the mainstream. It’s kind of ironic as my main point of contention is how Apple is talked … Continue reading

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HP: How can something so large be so clueless?

In addition to just liking gaming and technology, I also have a hobbyist level of interest in the actual businesses behind those things. I like to think that we can learn a lot about the stuff we enjoy if we … Continue reading

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Oh look, another blog!

Greetings and welcome to Geek Bravado! After pondering doing this for over a year, I finally decided to shove my laziness aside, nut up and make one of these things. I got the name from a West Wing episode I … Continue reading

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