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My Bold Predictions for 2014

Another year, another set of Bold Predictions. I revisited and scored myself on last year’s predictions in my previous post and I did pretty much the same as last year, which is to say pretty good but not perfect. I’ve got … Continue reading

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Review: Why Papers, Please is much better than Gone Home

NOTE: This initial section is free of spoilers. I will clearly mark where spoilers begin. It is not recommended that you read that section unless you have finished Gone Home and played a lot of Papers, Please or don’t plan … Continue reading

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Steam’s Flickering Greenlight

I’m a huge fan of both Valve and Steam. I think Gabe Newell and many of the other employees at the company are some of the smartest in gaming and that almost every segment of this industry (and many others … Continue reading

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Meet the new hotness, same as the old hotness

Remember when pretty much everyone in the games press and a good chunk of the industry said PC gaming was dead? Man, that seems like it happened so recently. That’s probably because it did. Only a year or two ago, … Continue reading

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In the interests of disclosure: I’ve downgraded my OUYA pledge for unrelated reasons

Not being a journalist, this is not actually required of me but since I’ve been sticking up for the OUYA project against what I feel is some undeserved and hypocritical cynicism, I feel it’s important to be honest about this. … Continue reading

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Indie Hypocrisy

Indie Game: The Movie finally released in various digital formats a couple of days ago. I got my copy for free because I Kickstarted the project and love it as much as I did when I saw it in the … Continue reading

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You Should Go See Indie Game: The Movie

Some time ago, I was told by some gaming web site that this pair of first-time Canadian film makers were creating a documentary about making indie games and that they were looking for some Kickstarter help. I went and checked … Continue reading

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