Cool Stuff

This page features places on the Internet I think are cool (as well as a little self-promotion). I’ll try my best to update it from time to time. You should check these places out, I think you’ll be pleased in doing so.

Without a doubt the most awesome video game community on the Internet. Whatever other communities you’ve visited or participated in, this one is better.

Extra Credits Logo
A weekly video show that takes a very thoughtful, intelligent, low-level view of the issues facing the video game medium and its evolution. Always a great watch.

Extra Life is an awesome charity event created by gamers that allows us to use our hobby to help sick kids. Once a year, participants gather pledges and commit to playing video games for 24 hours straight, with all the proceeds going to various Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. I’ll be participating in this awesome event for the first time this year. Click the link in the menu bar to donate to my efforts!

A Canadian organisation dedicated to fighting big telecom monopolies and government alike to thwart their attempts to curtail Internet competition and freedom. They are an important force for all Canadian Internet users.