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Announcing My Extra Life 2015 Campaign for the Children’s Miracle Network (With Video)

WHEN: Saturday, November 7th, 2014 @ 9am EST WHERE: My Twitch Channel DONATE RIGHT HERE It’s that time of year again everyone, it’s Extra Life time! This is my 5th year doing this fantastic event to support the Children’s Hospital … Continue reading

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My Response to CBC’s Coverage of the U.N. “Cyber Violence” Report

This morning, popular CBC Radio 1 news program The Current weighed in on the recent controversial U.N. “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls” report. This was not a surprise to me. Unfortunately, as with most stories that involve feminist issues, The … Continue reading

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Being A Good IT Person (v2)

I wrote the original version of this post over a year ago but decided to update it with some other things I’ve thought of since. I’ve been working in IT for many years now. That time and the many positions I’ve held … Continue reading

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Review: Until Dawn

NOTE: This review is free of spoilers. I am not a fan of horror games. Like, at all. Really, I’m not a fan of anything horror related. I’ve just never seen the fun in being scared. Yet when I started to … Continue reading

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Introducing Geek BravAudio

Since I clearly wasn’t producing enough content already, I decided why not do even more? I think I may have a problem. I recently acquired a free SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account through my YouTube network. I’ve been mulling over what … Continue reading

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A Year Into Gaming’s Biggest Nightmare

The Last Year Last October, I posted an angry and generally not well-written rant on GamerGate and said it would be the last time I talked about it. So much for that. I am honestly astounded that this controversy is … Continue reading

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The Double Standards of the Windows 10 Privacy Outrage

Have you used a modern smartphone platform like iOS, Android or Windows Phone today? Did you use a free e-mail service like Gmail? Have you checked in and posted your latest life whatevers on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network or liked … Continue reading

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