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Apple’s beginning to test the limits of their fans

Strap in, it’s another Apple post! It’s been a busy week for them so you know I had to get one in. We had the announcements of the iPad Mini, a tablet that’s substantially more expensive than most of its … Continue reading

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The social games bubble is bursting and mobile is next

I’ve said for a long time that the explosive growth of social and mobile gaming is a fashion trend. Many a clueless analyst and click driving “journalist” has latched onto this trend as a clear and irrefutable sign that this … Continue reading

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Indie Hypocrisy Part Deux: Notch & Walled Gardens

The last time I wrote one of these types of posts, it ignited a bit of a firestorm on Twitter. While some of that was something I should of expected because of the personalities I was criticising, my post was … Continue reading

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Corporate E-Mail As A Social Network? What Fresh Hell Is This?

I was checking out a gaming news site this morning and in one of their random links sections, I came across this gem. It’s an article written by the CEO of social media tool company HootSuite which talks about how … Continue reading

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Extra Life 2012: Amazing For Some Unexpected Reasons

It’s about 10:30am this morning and I’m driving back from my office, having just completed playing Dark Souls live on the Internet for 24 hours straight to support an awesome children’s charity. I had to do it at work because … Continue reading

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